Why Us

"Been there done that." These are the words our counselors can say from experience and with complete validity due to their sojourned paths in life. Each testimonial from our counselors show the different paths alcohol and drugs will take an individual, and each counselor can shine a light of experience on what addictions will bring to an addicts life! The only connection the testimonials bring include the life changing power of Jesus Christ. Our program will utilize a format for confronting denial and releasing the pressures of temptation through understanding how the power of Jesus Christ will intercede in times of pressure when temptations arise.

The Key Component:

Our team operates under a faith-based notion of change. In order for an individual to be free from addiction, the shackles and burdens holding him/her down can only be loosened by faith in Christ. Once a person has placed total trust (faith) in Christ, he/she will be able to carry that same faith further in to a belief in him/herself.
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

Faith is a substance, but only faith in Christ will change occur. An addict can have faith in him/herself to overcome the current situation until the temptations arise and he/she stumbles down the same path deterring faith in themselves. A person must put their problems and stresses in the hands of Christ which in turn helps them rise from the pits of despair and helplessness. God will be doing for us what we could not do for ourselves. Christ gives back our integrity, self-esteem, pride, and worthiness.

Power in Prayer

TRAGS believes in the power of prayer. We will collectively call on the name of Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to draw every person to the place of repentance. Each person willing to enter TRAGS will be confronted with the task to forgive themselves. When a person has a true conversion with Christ, he/she will feel the burdens and weight be lifted off of their shoulders as the Holy Spirit enters their heart and begins a supernatural healing. Prayer will be our connection to God as He allows the presence of the Holy Spirit to work and change the lives of each individual entering TRAGS.